Who are they?

FIND is studying photosynthesis-related activity and fluorescence in a bid to develop an ‘early warning system’ for plant disease.

The research, led by Dr George Littlejohn, is founded on the principle that, while much of the light that plants absorb is used for photosynthesis, if the photosynthetic process is malfunctioning – as often is the case in diseased crops – light can also be given back off as fluorescence.

The team is exploring which fluorescent parameters are indicative that a plant either has or is about to show disease symptoms indicative of infection with a pathogen, plus hope to design an automatic imaging system which, taking pictures intermittently, will give an insight into how photosynthesis is being influenced by a developing infection in a leaf or plant.

What they needed

The FIND team wanted to upgrade their existing research unit by replacing fluorescent tube lighting with LED panels. The panels were to allow for more accurate control over the light spectra within the chamber and to reduce the heat produced in the chamber.

What we delivered

We installed LED panels into the unit. The system allows individual control over 6 different wavelengths of LED light. Allowing programming of intensity over time via a touch panel control unit.

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